Saturday, May 7, 2011

Something Beautiful

I've often thought that if I were to change my business name and incorporated.... I would choose the name Something Beautiful Studios....but I have thought about another use for the name.... a Bridal and Event show and Local Magazine.  I have a lot of things that I would like to do but not always an open door, but this is something I do hope to accomplish in the near future.  I have created an initial design for it....the designs are as follows:

I believe in simply designed logos that are easily recognizable... I hope this is one.  I'm hoping that the show might be more doable when the Oneill Community Center finally opens its doors.  One thing that I have discovered is it will be a challenge to convince more established businesses in the community to get getinvolved at first, so I will be gearing it towards up and coming businesses, home businesses and people who are willing to step out and try something new even if no profit is involved at first.  So am I dreaming?  Maybe.  Is it a possible dream?  I think so.  I know of at least one other person interested in it and I think there are more out there.  Is there a market?  I believe there is.... so let's dream and maybe it'll come true some day.

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