Friday, June 24, 2011

The Church Panel

Our church got a new flat panel television recently... and it was placed front center.... the cords dangle down the wall so I though that it might be nice to weave something to cover those this is what I came up with....

We can see the warped threads and some weft started in the following two photos.  The shuttle is laying on the  project so you can see what I use to weave.  I wasn't sure how the yarn was going to weave.  The red  yarn is Egyptian cotton, and the  brown is bamboo and cotton mixed.

Here you can see some different weaving which is called Leno, which is a lace technique.

Here the panel hanging upside down.... 

 I like the drape of the fabric... it is what I was looking to create.  I do have some yarn left over so I think I'll make a couple of scarves using the leno technique.  I think that would be so pretty.  I plan on getting some curtain rods to tie the panel to and then it will hang at our church....  When I get that done, I hope to add a photo here but until then.....

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