Saturday, June 4, 2011


I wanted to share some photographs that I took yesterday.  Brian showed me a robin's nest with four hatchlings.  While I couldn't get a good shot of the babies, I got some shots of their protective mother who, when I had overstayed myself, let me know that I wasn't welcome!  Unfortunately by the next day the hatchlings had disappeared and we assumed some critter got them because they were too small to fly.

Here is a patch of rye grass that Brian left in the yard to grow.  I love the colors and the lines that they create in this simple photograph. 

I couldn't help but take a photograph of one of our yellow irises.  They are beautiful right now and there are so many colors....

Of course I couldn't help but take a shot of Zoe.  She wanted me to take her photograph, and even thoguh she wasn't dressed up, I though this one was half cute.

Finally, Zoe and I have started a weaving project....wash cloths... in pink.  They will be pinkalicious! I set up the warp (the thread on the loom that supports) and started the weft (the part that is woven through the warp)...but Zoe helped throw the shuttle some and did a good job with a little help from mommy.  Zoe loves to create clothes and such, so maybe she'll even design her own cloth someday.

It is my plan to make these first projects to be gifts in various ways.... although the kids lay claim to their first projects.  There is so much creativity in weaving and I can't wait to explore it more.  I  have ordered some handpainted roving (unspun fiber that has been prepared to spin), and I hope to try my hand at handspinning once I get a spindle.  I did make a home made one and just need to get a gasket to help hold the cd's on.  We'll see. I did bid on a spindle on ebay which I'll probably win.
I think that whatever can help us use the farms resources will benefit us in to long run.  We want to make this farm someplace for our children (or one at least) will stay and make it work for them and their families. So we'll see how things go.  I hope we can stick to this and improve and grow.

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