Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Simple Scarf 1-2012

This past fall season was very busy with my photography business, so I didnt' get much weaving done... and what I did get done barely got there!  But here is the first scarf of the New Year.... it's made up of a bamboo/acrylic warp and an acrylic boucle weft....  We gave this to my sister since her birthday is coming up.The weather here in Nebraska has been unusually warm so I don't know how much it'll get worn!


  1. Hey Brooke, I like the earthy quality of your weaving! Very pretty!

  2. Thank you Joy... I tend towards that style... I'm working on anotherone with the same materials that I'm adding loops to and it looks very earthy and bumpy... although I do have some material to do someother styles. The natural fibers are expensive so I'm limited a little in the colors I can buy or spin... which I haven't done much of lately!....I have some llama to spin... !