Monday, February 27, 2012

Samaritan's Purse PResents Three Hearts...DVD

Three Hearts

A World Away, Three Children Need A Miracle


Samaritan's Purse

Thomas Nelson Publishers

Imagine your son or daughter was born with a heart defect and you can't afford or get the medical help to save their life. You would do anything possible to help your child. In Mongolia, there are no medical services that provide heart surgery, and these three children need it. In America, Cissie Graham Lynch, interns at Samaritan's Purse Heart Project to help these three children. A family from Texas joins Cissie in the journey to help these three children, two host families open their homes to them as well, and a team of doctors volunteer their services. This DVD is their story.
The DVD presents a compelling story that draws the viewer in emotionally to experience the struggle that these various families, doctors, and workers face. They don't solely focus on the surgery itself, but on the interaction of the families, the fears, the triumphs and the gospel. For not only do they receive life saving surgery, they hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The scenes at the hospital are poignant, involving, and sometimes a little bit graphic. I impatiently waited to find out how each patient fared. Prior to the surgeries they shared a story about a child that was lost, and it shared how not all children make it through. It emphasized the great risk that these families face.

Now technically, they show started off visually confusing at points. Some shots used unnecessary zooming in and out. I suppose to give it more of a reality show look, but I found this distracting and at times more confusing than necessary. The events around Cissie not being able to travel to Mongolia were confusing to me, and I didn't see any good transitions from idea to idea in the editing. Yet, as the story progressed, editing was more stable and the story flowed well.
Overall, this is a must see video. As a mother of a child who has faced a kidney transplant, I can understand the struggle that the families faced in the possible loss of a child, and facing a huge surgery. I believe that this video will fulfill its purpose to educate people and bring in support for a great cause that not only provides physical life for these children, but an introduction to the one who gives eternal life.

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