Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Simply Grilling by Jennifer Chandler

Simply Grilling

Jennifer Chandler

Thomas Nelson

105 Grilling Recipes are condensed into this book by Jennifer Chandler. This grilling cookbook presents not only recipes for grilling without a lot of guesswork.....

Chandler begins with simple explanations of the two main types of grills – wood and gas. She presents the idea of grilling indoors, but focuses mainly on the two popular styles. She covers heating, grilling methods, doneness, dressing up the dishes, and gear prior to hear recipe section for us newbies at grilling, but I think anyone can learn from this short section. There are separate sections for starters, poultry, meat, seafood, etc....each presented with a colorful photograph and section comments. Each finished dish is beautifully photographed on the left page and the recipe is spelled out on the left. Each recipe was presented in an easy to follow follow format, and she also added various tips and variations you can try.

I really like this book, although I would love it more in a spiral bound edition that would lay flat for more practical use. I also liked that she had a variety of recipes from appetizers to deserts and everything in between. She touches on a wide variety of tastes. Some recipes I would probably never try because I don’t have access to the ingredients, but a large majority of them have ingredients that are easily accessible for most people. I like that she did provide a substitute for the rum in the Grilled Pineapple with rum caramel sauce. That is one recipe I look forward to trying out. Overall, this cookbook would be a great addition to any library, although I think it won't gather dust on the shelf....

This book was received from Thomas' Nelson's bloggers program. All opinions are my own.

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