Sunday, June 3, 2012

What You Need to Know About Biblical Prophecy

What You Need to Know About Biblical Prophecy

12 Lessons That Can Change Your Life

Max Anders

Thomas Nelson

Prophecy – a subject that fascinates many people and scares others. Max Anders has written a 12 lesson study on this subject. It is part of The What You Need To Know Series which includes 10 titles. Each lesson focuses around a question, for example, Chapter One addresses the question – Why Study Prophecy? He gives you an outline of what you will learn in the chapter, then tackles the the subject. He then gives some questions, fill in the blanks, more discussion questions, a section called What If I don't Believe?, and gives scripture and reference books for further study.

Over all, this book is readable and teachable for people who don't have any foundation in the study of prophecy. He attempts to approach the three views of eschatology with a neutral stance and present them for the student's information. He doesn't go into great depth on each view, but provides the basics so that one would know what the definitions of each view are. I liked being presented with each view so that I might be familiar with them when I discuss the topic with others, but I didn't think it was enough. He also tries to look at each view with respect and equality, and I respect that, but I think that without explaining how these views change how we see God and His promises, the readers might be cheated a little. Each of the views has a varying understanding of how God does or doesn't keep his promises to Israel, and I wouldn't avoid discussing that in the name of unity. Also, the title claims that the lessons can change your life, and I think that the claim is a little superfluous. Next, I did really like how he explained what a prophet was. His definitions keep with the traditional Christian faith, which is commendable. Maybe this is due to this being a new edition that was originally published in the early 90's.

Overall, I think this study provides a good start in the study of prophecy, but it's not an ending place. Hopefully, it will wet the appetite of the studiers to delve deeper into the study of prophecy, and the differences and foundations of each view.

This book was provided by for a review. I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are my own.

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