Thursday, August 30, 2012

God's Names by Sally Michael

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God's Names
Sally Michael
P & R Publishing

What is the first thing that you do when you meet someone? You introduce yourself and learn each others' names. Names are important. As a photograph, I strive to remember people's names so that they know that I care. God has many names. They are names we should learn because, not only is He God, but they are descriptive of His character. Sally Michael has written a book that introduces you and your children to the names of God. She has presented a valuable resource for parents instructing their children, and for parents too!

As a mom of three elementary age children, I was struggling to find Christian books that taught my children about God and about important Christian doctrines. There is such a lack of sufficient material. Everything is geared towards behavior and morality, but little on the nature and character of our Maker. I found this book to fill the niche I was looking for, and I'm not disappointed.

Sally Michael has chosen a list of the names of God to teach, and although not comprehensive, it is a great introduction. She includes an introduction to guide parents in presenting the material, a pronunciation guide, and of course the lessons. Each lesson introduces the name, it's pronunciation, its meaning and the study, which is centered around scripture. Her lessons are of sufficient length and depth to introduce the concept and apply without being too long to lose the children's interest. Each lesson ends with questions and an activity.

We tackled one lesson a week, usually on Saturday, and then repeated the names and meaning throughout the week. My kids always listened and enjoyed the lessons. They always wanted to look ahead in the book to find out the next name, which I wouldn't let them do. They learned the names and meanings easily.
I would highly recommend this book for any parent who wants to teach their children more about God and His names as found in the Bible and wants to learn themselves.

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