Monday, December 31, 2012

Les Miserables FOTF Radio Theatre Prod.

Les Miserables
Victor Hugo
FOTF Radio Theatre Prod.
Tyndale Publishers

Wow, another awesome Focus on the Family Radio Theatre production is available.  This latest production, Les Miserables,  follows in a long line of high quality audio drama.  I was quite excited to be able to receive this production.  I have seen the Broadway production and some movies, and at times felt a little lost in all the music since I wasn't familiar with the storyline prior to seeing them.  The quality of actors and acting, directing and more draw you into the story of Jean Val Jean and Cosette and the student revolutions in France. 
Since I have not read the book, I cannot attest to the accuracy of the presentation, but I felt that the story captured the essence of faith and a changed life and how it affects those around.  I didn't get lost in the story, although I would like more backstory about Fontine and Cosette than was provided.
Overall, it is a version that the whole family can enjoy together, and could draw a person into reading the whole of the book.  I would recommend this audio drama highly.

I was provided this book by Tyndale for an honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sisters in Faith Holy BIble

Sisters In Faith  Holy Bible
King James Version, SIgnature Series
Thomas Nelson Pub

     There are a myriad of Bibles out there with commentary geared towards anything and everything.
When I saw this Bible, geared towards African American women, I thought of a friend of mine, and decided to review it.    This Bible has highlights of various Biblical women, it deals with questions and issues that African-American women deal with, includes poetic prayers, and in general deals with women’s issues.
As I read through the extras, I believe that they are written intelligently, and will appeal to all women irregardless of cultural background.  Some of the featuress included are:  She Speaks, highlighting Biblical women from their point of view; Notes to Self; Lyrical Expressions, or poetry; A Place of Honor, that highlights specific Biblical women; Quest and Discovery,  which present a situation, and answer.
     I found that many of the helps in the commentaries and extras were Biblically founded and sound. 
They really didn’t address any controversial subjects.  The writing was thoughtful and well written.  My only concern was that the women thanked female pastors in their intro.  I have a feeling that they believe that women can be pastors, and that those issues were cultural for the day. This is a point on which I would disagree  Yet, I don’t feel that this concept was directly addressed in the writing so, I would say that it isn’t totally relevant to what is being taught.  They do stay away from women’s roles as described by the Bible and don't really address any major marital issues that deal with Biblca women's roles.  I would like to have seen more about respecting and loving your husband and raising Godly children.
      Overall, I liked this version and think it will be a Bible appealing to all women, and specifically
those in the African American community.

I received this book from for an honest review.  I was not required to give a positive revioew and the opinions expressed are mine.