Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brigett and Travis' Wedding

This past weekend I had the privilege to photograph Brigett and Travis's wedding in Wausa, Nebraska at the Covenant Church.  It was a clear , crisp, cold day. Snow was blanketing the ground and cut through by plows and cars. 
Here are a few photos that I would like to share from the wedding....
I love the cowby look.  Travis ranches 400 head... so it is quite appropriate.

I love the lace and the ruching of the lace into the applique trimmed lace up bodice.

Pretty much everyone was wearing cowboy boots!  I should have had mine on.  Here is the Mother of the Groom's shoow with decoration.

It was quite cold out but I was able to convince the B&G to take a few shots outside.    I was unfamiliar with Wausa, so I wasn't quite sure where outside I could do some snow photos... they had to be quick... and just outside of the church was this treelined sidewalk that worked.....

Here are two difference perspectives...

Here is a fun one in the long stretch Ford Excursion Limousine.. I"m glad the window could be opened.

This window provided the perfect natural light spot in the church.  I loved using it... it not only fits into the western theme... its simple beauty was perfect.

It was a beautiful winter day for a wedding.... Just a couple of days prior we had a snow storm, and I'm so glad that it didn't last but left some winter beauty!

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