Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Few Others From OFW

As the mother of a soon to be 7 year old girl, who just happens to love anything ultra feminine, I was very interested in the children's line that was coming down the runway as I waited to take Marie's wedding line.  Were they outfits that I would put onto Zoe?  Some were appealing to me and others weren't.  I tend to be picky about what I like to put on my little girl.  Below are a few designers that I thought that I would share.  I chose the photos because I either liked the clothing, or liked the model!
First up is Hollie Hanash of Ruffled Runway, her line of children's wear.
I liked this outfit.  I could easily see Zoe wearing it.  I loved the colors, and that sash tied it together well.

I liked the hair on this model, and her smile was  just right.

I liked this model.  She was so pretty and walked down the runway very well.

I loved this outfit.  It is so cute, and reminiscent of a bygone era.
This outfit was cute as well.  I loved the little stick masks that accented the final run.
This model had a great smile. 
The next designer was Markoos Modern Design.  She had a bold look balanced by the nerdy glasses.
I liked this model.  She did a great job and had a great smile.

This little one was so cute going down the runway.
Next, a winter inspired line by Yolanda Diaz, unfortunately, I have been unable to find her website, but I loved this line. 
This outfit was beautiful, and my daughter just loves it.

This outfit was another favorite of mine. 

I can see Zoe in this dress and maybe her hair in the same style. 

I liked the layers in this dress.
I loved this little dress too.
Overall, I think there are some great up and coming designers in the Midwest. 

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