Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easter Portraits

I had the opportunity to take some Easter portraits this past week.   It's a bit of a busy background, but it is cute...and I love the floor.   Here are a few examples...

I love the colors that the children's mother chose.  They match each other and the background.

I pulled out my father-in-law's moses basket, and put the little one's in it.  It worked out well and was appropriate for the set.  It just needed a big bow and some easter eggs.

This background works best for closeups, in which the background can be blurred out a little to create some separation between the subject and it. Oh, and that smile!  I just love it.

Here is another beautiful little one, whose dress perfectly matched the background.  I can't stress how importait it is to pair the correct clothing with the appropriate background. 
Tip for moms:  Choose solid colored clothing , and consult with your photographer to choose the desired backgrounds.

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