Monday, March 4, 2013


Here is a black and white look at Marie's Only by Faith line...  I wanted to present a different look from everything else... a view of the textures and patterns without color getting in the way.
I was privilege that my husband Brian could capture an alternate view of the line.  In such a small venue with a myriad of other great photographers shooting, there is not much to differentiate photos, except for lens choice, angle, color or the lack thereof or special filters... But I think Marie's line photographs well in black and white...  That is important to me as a wedding photographer because I get a lot of requests for photos in black and white, and not everything translate into black and white the same.  I think the biggest difficulty of photographing was the hot spots at the end of the runway which created high contrast and easily could lead to a loss of detail.  But I am happy with these shots...


Here is Marie walking at the end of her line, donning a scarf of the watercolor fabric designed by Vivian Ducas of Cest La Viv.    The only thing I wish I had was a fish eye lens... maybe next time!

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