Thursday, March 7, 2013

So Shines the Night by By Tracy Higley

So Shines the Night
By Tracy Higley
Thomas Nelson Publishers

Step back in time to ancient Rhodes and Ephesus and meet Daria a rare woman wiht education who seeks to be a tutor to support herself.  Her past holds a darkness that haunts her and drives her to help others....  When trying to help another person, she meets a wealthy Ephesian merchant hainted by his wife's death, Lucas, who hires her to be his language tutor.
The story takes you from Rhodes to Ephesus, with a mystery that draws you through the story that encompasses characters from sorcerers to the Apostle Paul and Timothy.  Ms. Higley has created an interesting story that encompasses well researched history of the ancient near east and it's character.  Her biblical facts appear to be well grounded in scripture, although they are not a large chunk of the story.  I would have like to have heard the gospel developed more in this book since the main character meets Paul and Timothy, but it lacks in that area an area that should be more important than seeing Paul cast out a demon, which is discussed in this.
Overall, I think the story is well written for the genre, and that people will be drawn along by the mystery of Daria and Lucas' past, which is revealed more towards the last third of the book.

Thomas Nelson Publishers has provided mewith a complimentary copy of this book for review, and all opinions are my own.

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