Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Fashion Shoot In Full!

The Stuhr museum was the perfect setting for the fashion shoot for Marie Nelson's Only by Faith Wedding Line that debuted at Omaha Fashion Week on February 28th. 
The Stuhr museum of the Prairie pioneers, focuses on Nebraska /prairie history.  It has a nice display of local work and history.  It's beautiful stairways were perfect for our shoot.  In the spring they have a beautiful flower garden that has irises and other flowers.  Irises were the inspiration for Marie's line, and so even though we couldn't shoot at that time, the location fit the bill.  For Marie's pieces are works of art.
The printed fabric used on the dresses was created by Vivian Ducas.  Her watercolor designs we very appropriate and tasteful.    The colors coordinate well and the different patterns complement each other appropriately.

I love this mermaid dress... it's not as tight fitting as the other two, but I love the balance of color at the top and bottom and the bodice is very stylish.

Next we have the groomsmen and ring bearer line.  I love the deep gray with the purple ties and the love print in the back.  I love that touch...!

Next is a wonderful short dress, with a punch of orange.  I love it....  This dress evolved a little since the shoot. Marie added two additional tulle layers with trim to  give it more pop.  I wouldn't mind having a dress like this.
The next dress, my daughter calls the snow queen dress.  It's a beautiful dress.. what else can I say? 

Ahhh here is the ring bearer suit again....
Here is the first of two flower girl dresses.  I love the purple layers. It complements the next dress in line.

Here is a simple but beautiful wedding gown trimmed in purple.  I love the upswing of fabric in the back.
And that hand tatted sash is a little added interest.

Here is a dress that I love... I would love to see it in a longer gown as well... The outer layer is reminiscent of the petals of the iris....  Awesome!

Finally, the last wedding gown... and wow...  I love the fabric.. it's shimmery, and the layers are simple and elegant. 

Overall, I am excited about this line of wedding garments... and would love to photograph a wedding with the participants enrobed in these garments.. so many photographic possibilities...

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