Sunday, April 7, 2013

We have to paint what? and Why? Part 1

If anyone has been to my house, they know it needs work.  It needs new flooring, a bathroom renovation, the attic upgraded, and if possible a little updating of the kitchen.... and it really needs to be painted.  I know these things.  Overall the house is structurally sound.  We have an awesome new metal roof, and a beautiful setting.  But.... the other day the insurance man that we buy insurance through, found out that our insurance co. was going to cancel our policy.  He wondered why and contacted them.  I guess the are going over their things, and they are canceling our whole farm policy because our house isn't what?  Painted!  Now they could just take off the house, but they are cancelling the whole policy.  Now, we have our opinions on why, but I'll keep those to ourselves as they are just supposition.  But  the deal is, if we can show that the house is painted, they will not cancel it according to our insurance man, so we are painting.

I thought all day about how I was going to break the news to my husband.  He's stingy with his money, and with possible droughts this summer, he's even more so.   I finally did, things went as assumed, and the plan is that we are going to paint it.  Now we are looking at every one's house to see if we like that color.  What color should we paint it?  Some suggested pink or gray.  The house has always been white, which is pretty typical of the area, but I want to change that.  So we are  going to go with some form of light green, and an eggshell or ivory trim, maybe a little darker than that but close.

Our first order of business is to scrape all of the old white peeling paint off of the house. By hand. Top to bottom or bottom to top.   I have no desire to have lumps of paint under a nice new coat of paint that will have to last forever, or at least my lifetime.  That looks really tacky.  So at Bomgaars yesterday, we bought a scraper, and now to work....

Here is the side of the house that leads into the kitchen.  This part was added in 1968.  They added a bathroom and washroom and kitchen.  Previously, the house did not have an indoor bathroom.  It was the outhouse for everybody!  (PS this is after we started stripping the paint.)

Here is the front side of the house... below is the oldest part built by Edward for his wife Margretha, when they were first married in 1939 I believe.  The roof is about 2 years old.
The front door was pretty drafty, so Brian sealed the storm door shut.  If we want to paint that door, we'll have to go through the living room.  But I think it should be done....
The windows were new about 6-8 years ago... through a Gov. program... it was tough even getting that done, but those old storm windows were a bear to put on and off.

Here is Kaleb trying his hand at stripping paint.  It didn't last long, but at least he tried.  It's a big job.
Here is a really poor rendition of painting our house...  The colors are inaacurate, but my idea is to take the trim color and paint two of the siding boards  as seen below to create the illusion of something.  I don't know if it will work, but we'll see. 

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  1. your drawing is funny... oh, we know about scraping--what a nightmare. Painting a house is a lot of work.