Monday, September 30, 2013


Senior portraits can be really fun, and Collin's was a lot of fun.  Collin wanted to do a shot like superman, and he was also open to whatever locations I suggested.  So here are some great shots that I wanted to make sure and share.

I love this shot at the old gas pumps.  I love the red and green of the pumps with his red and blue shirt.

Now  here is my favorite Superman style shot.  Love this one...

I will have to say that I couldn't help but take a "Jimmy Olson" shot.  He brought this bow tie, and I had my old Pentax K1000 and a flash....  Perfect.
Here is my favorite shot of the session.  Collin pulled his convertible up in front of O'Neill High School, and I had him loosen his tie and pose... the wind blew his tie, I snapped and the rest is history.

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