Saturday, February 22, 2014


It's been a while since I've posted, I know... I'm guilty... I do have some photos I'm going to be sharing, but before that I'm going to share a couple of photos of a cake that I made.  I have a friend who has asked me to bake her daughter's wedding cake. So I'm on the hunt to improve my abilities. I'm not a pro cake baker/decorator although I love playing with cakes when a birthday comes around.... and I've been striving to learn to do a better job frosting and decorating.  One of the many things that would keep me from ever becoming a pro cake decorator is that I don't have a pro kitchen, and I prefer to do things that I like and not a photo that someone want or expects me to copy. I look at each cake as an individual piece of art or junk (when I do a lousy job) and they are a self expression more than anything else.
Now to say that I won't copy something isn't necessarily correct, but it has to be something I want to try or fits my artistic dreams.  So the cake I'm making for this March wedding will be a copy of something I would love to be able to create.  In the meantime, I created this simple chocolate cake for practicing my basic icing skills.  Here it is:

Not great by pro standards, and I have a LONNNNNGGG way to go with my cake.  For one thing, I always make too little icing, and then I don't have enough to fill it out and smooth it out as well.  I also didn't have any Viva paper towels to do any of that type of cake smoothing.  But I do like that I got fairly straight sides and crisp edges.  This is also the first time I have tried homemade or any type of modeling chocolate.  I have never made a rose before and this one turned out okay but I needed it smaller and with thinner pieces.  I do think the modeling chocolate band at the bottom turned out nicely. 
I have one month to get this cake decorating thing down.  I have made a few other cakes for this person's children so I know that they will be fine with the wedding cake, and I will put up photos here of that creation. 

BTW, the cake tasted delicious!  I got the chocolate recipe off of for Hershey's Perfect Chocolate cake. 
 I did have some trouble with the cake falling in the center, but I think it was a "me" issue and didn't affect the cake much in the end. 


  1. I think it looks great. The rose is beautiful.

    1. Thank you. The rose is the first I have ever made. I bought a kit to start making gum paste flowers, so I hope to get better!