Thursday, May 15, 2014

Regency, a beginning

Every girl has her romantic side...  Ever since I was little I loved Victorian bustle dresses, medieval attire, and as an adult I've also come to appreciate the Regency Era after enjoying the 1995  BBC Pride and Prejudice series.  Now, I have never been much of a sewer.  I have tried a few things growing up, such as a pillow and as an adult peasant blouse and maybe a few things that I don't quite remember.  But my daughter has shown some interest in fashion design, so I bought a regency pattern from Sense and Sensibility, and have made her a regency girls dress, hat and pantaloons.  I do plan to do a pinafore sometime this summer as well.  I thought the sewing process would be good for her to watch and to do some of.  I did this with the hopes of making my own Regency era dress and underpinnings.  So  here are a couple of photos of the dress and pantaloons I made with Zoe's help (she sewed the straight pieces of the dress),  They aren't perfect, but they are the best that I have every done, and I hope a step to doing more.  BTW, I have been hand sewing a regency chemise for myself, and I'll post a photo of that later.  I should photograph the whole process but my house is so small and cluttered, so I haven't.

Here is the hat, which was completely hand sewn.

The fabric was purchased at a local quilt shop called Quilter's Candy Shoppe.  We don't have any regular local fabric shops, so we have to travel 70+ miles or order online.

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