Saturday, February 7, 2015

Price of Privelege by Jessica Dota

Price of Privilege
by Jessica Dota
Tyndale Publishers

The Price of Privilege is the third and final book in the Price of Privilege trilogy set in 19th Century England. Ms. Dota takes us into the world of Julia Elliston and her intrigued life. Julia, having escaped Mr. Macy, is still trapped by her past choices and faces the consequences of trying to escape the web she has been caught in.

This third installment is engaging and keeps you wondering what will happen next, and surprises you at the end. The characters are interesting, and I have to confess, as with the first two, I read it straight through. I couldn't quite put it down for want of knowledge of what was going to happen next.
I was hoping for a better gospel message in the book series. It didn't have to be direct preaching, but a genuine presentation with the character coming to understand the gospel as a means of change. Her purpose for changing in faith, if there was one, was quite unclear. Julia never understood her sinfulness, or Christ's payment for it. It was more of a feeling based change with no substance to support it. As a Christian book, this lack of gospel was a serious disappointment. As a secular book, I would say it was interesting, clean and a good afternoon's read.

I received this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.