Friday, June 19, 2015

Princess Joy Sticker and Activity Book

Princess Joy Sticker and Activity Book
Inspired by Jeanna Young and Jacqueline Johnson
Pictures by Omar Aranda

Here is a short activity book geared towards young girls.   It's main character is Princess Joy, one of five princesses: Joy, Grace, Faith, Hope and Charity.  Throughout this book there are stickers to place, puzzles to finish and pages to color.  It is well illustrated and will definitely appeal to the young girl... especially those who love princesses.  My daughter really liked it...  she thought it was pretty, and will enjoy working through it.
There is one mention of God, and the names of the princesses are Biblically based.  I would have loved to see scripture verses sprinkled throughout the book, but alas there are none.  There are fun activities, but no real learning regarding scripture from what is being marketed by a Christian publisher.  I think some scriptures would enhance this book greatly.
Overall as a general activity book, I think it is cute, but as something that can reinforce the Word of God, it lacks....

I received this book from the publisher and was not required to write a positive review.