Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NKJV Study Bible for Kids by Thomas Nelson Publishers

NKJV Study Bible for Kids
by Thomas Nelson Publishers


This Kids Study Bible is an beginning option for introducing your child to studying the Bible.  It is the NKJV version, which is a word for word translation, which I think is a great translation.  The Bible has several study sections such as:  Book Introductions, Timelines, On Location, Spotlight, Starring Roles, In Focus, Action!, Epic Ideas, Dictionary, Concordance and an Article Index.  

All the different sections provide some great ways to study.  I particularly like the Book Introductions, the Timeliness and the On Location sections.  These sections give basic information  that are foundational in study.  The other sections offer commentary and applications for kids.

Overall, it is a wonderful beginning study Bible for tweens.  It is colorful, which may be distracting to some and attractive to others, and is a wonderful translation as stated before.  I had some issues with some of the application.  For example, on tithing in the Old Testament.  The commentary didn't direct the student to NT scripture about giving but reinforced that tithing in church is commanded, which it isn't.  I believe this is done, not to contradict if a reader attends a church that teaches tithing or a parents belief.  But I would like to have seen how it taught tithing as an OT principle for Israel not a NT command.  There are a few other things as well, but nothing controversial that I could see, just secondary differences we can all have. 

Would I recommend this Bible, yes.

I received this Bible from the publisher in exchange for a review, I was not required to give a positive review.